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A Celebration of Beauty and Truth

  • The beauty and majesty of eagles flying in nature Thanks to alex guillaume at unsplash and, Art by Norman Brule
    Wings of the Wind
  • A cougar rests
    At Home in the Forest
  • Grizzly Bears
    Grizzly Bears
  • Moon Lake
    Moon Lake
  • Magnificent Night
    Magnificent Night
  • tower of babel
    Tower of Pride
  • Sancho and Don Quixote on a moonlit evening
    The Noble Pose
  • Magnificant Moose
    Magnificant Moose
  • Changes
  • A solitary lynx
    Solitary Lynx
  • Jesus on stormy sea
    Fear Not
  • A praying mantis hides behind a mushroom in a rich and beautiful nature setting
    Magical Mantis
  • Inspiring and beautiful depiction of the Rapture
    Up Up and Away
  • Rider from another time takes in a majestic view
    Majestic View
  • Peaceful Heart
    Peaceful Heart
  • Eden
  • Woman praises God
    Our Destiny
  • Moonlit Feast
    Moonlit Feast
  • Comeback Cove
    Comeback Cove
  • Swift Beauty
    Swift Beauty
  • Highrise Lobby Art
    Highrise Lobby Art
  • Serene country scene with horses
    Country Friends
  • Sancho and Don Quixote
    The Knight
  • art depicting the Millennium
    The Millenium
  • Flight of the Heron
    Flight of the Heron
  • Lovely Arctic Evening
    Lovely Arctic Evening
  • On Eagle's Wings
    On Eagle's Wings
  • The Red sea is parted
    Escape From Egypt
  • Mary gets the big news from heaven
    News From Heaven
  • Unassuming Beauty
    Unassuming Beauty
  • the baptism of Jesus
    Jesus and John
  • prophesy of a child
    Mary Christmas
  • Bighorn
  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl
  • Forgotten beauty
    Forgotten Beauty
  • No man can pluck His people from His Father's hand
    Safe in His Hand
  • A commemoration of the book Pilgrim's Progress
    Pilgrim's Progress
  • The Four Horsemen
    The Four Horsemen
  • Herons wait patiently in reflective water
    Patient Relfections
  • golden city
    Our New Home
  • forest scene
    Serene Green
  • A tiger walks
    The Tiger
  • aliens are demons
    Trans Alien
  • The future of the wicked
    Under Our Feet
  • Bride of Christ and Jesus take a ride on horses
    The Bride of Christ
  • abstract art
    Bright Day
  • A raven watches as the animals disembark from the ark
    Noah's Ark
  • Bride and Groom
    Bride and Groom
  • Stop, in the Name of God
    Stop, in the Name of God
  • Christmas Memory
    Christmas Memory
  • Flying Over a Pearl Gate
    Flying Over a Pearl Gate
  • A Gift to Remember
    A Gift to Remember
  • Princess Kaiulani
    Princess Kaiulani
  • King of the Mountain
    King of the Mountain
  • Precious Stones
    Precious Stones
  • The Peace Dove
    The Peace Dove
  • A Proud Trip
    A Proud Trip
  • Heaven and Hell
    Heaven and Hell
  • Three Amigos
    Three Amigos
  • Pacific Shore
    Pacific Shore
  • Vancouver Island Marmot
    Vancouver Island Marmot
  • The Giant's Head
    The Giant's Head
  • In A Dark Place
    In A Dark Place
  • Fuji Mama
    Fuji Mama
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My art form involves using photos, digitally manipulated images

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The compiling and manipulation of the various parts

into one new and different piece is the art